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  1. Top 12 v2

    BP's over, maybe we need a new top 12?
  2. First

  3. Top 12

    Yeah, there's still people joining everyday, you could join too if you want
  4. Top 12

    While I enjoy occasional banter, this post has had a long time since a Top 12 was done, but that's what I'm here for actually. While I haven't done a top 12 before, I've seen some, so let me try this one time. Aarambh's Top 12:- 1. Bad with Names/Numbers:- I've seen them play worlds prior and...
  5. Top 12

    I'm sure this one's gonna take the world by storm. Trust me.
  6. Top 12

    Another top 12 soon perhaps, looks like few alliances have seen some action today.
  7. Trash Talk

    Exactly, inno wants profits, either by gold or by having us glue our eyes to screen, and they're getting it.
  8. Trash Talk

    Hmm... A few hours already and we still got no jokes about the alliance "Silent Storm". Maybe grepolis is dying after all.
  9. Trash Talk

    So you mean to say that the grepolis is a 1 man game? Cause mostly 1 or 2 of top alliance are golding like crazy, the rest can be competed against. If just the 1 golder makes you scared then what's the point of having an alliance? Please don't subject others to your narrow subjective viewpoint...
  10. Trash Talk

    We should make a milestones tab too. First alliance to make an academy:- 21 hrs into the game...
  11. Trash Talk

    That is to be expected. You can get all sorts of players here, but such speed is only for a few, you can still compete with 99% players, so stop being and play hard, gotta make an effort to keep world competitive man
  12. Trash Talk

    The World itself is Trash, what trash talk. 1 hour into the game and you've got gold pushing forward already
  13. World Teos Pre-made

    sign me up
  14. Better World

    One can do it doesn't mean one will do it. People are playing a game... mostly for fun, but making roundabout methods just to get gold ruins the whole purpose of the game... to have fun. At this point it stops being fun and starts becoming bothersome. Most people won't bother with such...