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  1. Newspaper The Will Try To Be ,Daily Bhrytos

    I like it : ) thanks for writing something
  2. Inactive Topic The gods rule

    Twas a joke my friend.
  3. Inactive Topic The gods rule

    Alright, time to start a petition to change the rule lol.
  4. Inactive Topic The gods rule

    That seems really silly to me lol. Especially since this idea would be really easy to implement.
  5. Inactive Topic The gods rule

    Proposal: Only being able to train mythical units --- and all ships of course. Reason: The idea is that while mythical units are useful they haven't been as coveted and strategically purposed as all the other infantry units. We have learned the -ins and -outs of the working of the rest...
  6. Rate the Player!

    That's really impressive then good going! Someone on here loves you cause they gave me a bad reputation just for saying you used gold! Oh how great the reputation system is haha.
  7. Petition to Stop "Warfare Packages" from coming into the game

    Sign me up, if the war packages actually come out I will have to quit playing grepolis altogether and that's not something want to do!
  8. Newspaper Bhrytos Biweekly~Issue II

    Hey Rock, not quite sure about improvements. I have liked the newspaper so far though. I would like to bring to your attention though that one person you interviewed, KingNOthing was a spy for RedNeck Avengers, so his conversation wasn't exactly balanced in his analysis of PA. Considering he did...
  9. Pnp Panic Attack

    I understand that don't worry. Money rules the world...AND this game. So you have just defended Japhyb's comment...
  10. Pnp Panic Attack

    Someone spending hundreds of dollars to get ahead in the game is a great excuse to get rimmed, maybe the only good one lol.
  11. Pnp Panic Attack

    Japhyb isn't complaining, he is just saying gold runs the game and what makes most top players "good."
  12. Pnp Panic Attack

    Aww so he's not a chum that spends a lot of money on a browser game just to win.
  13. Pnp Panic Attack

    haha nice one. so accurate