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  1. This requires a mention

    Let's not forget that first e-mail you sent to me... attacking my character UofM, quite nastily I may add. You fail to acknowledge this. But, is forgiven. Why is everyone pointing there fingers elsewhere this is between me, you (Stephen) and Selecues. It is not Dad's fault, it is not Masters...
  2. This requires a mention

    I ignored it for a long while and if I were you, I would too. This is making us all look foolish. You have been attacking me personally for months. This is a game. And I agree it should be played ethically, as you put it, and I will continue doing so.
  3. This requires a mention

    Your funny.. I apologized to you, you are incapable of apologizing for your actions because you lack humility and are blinded by your own arrogance. This is why you argue with teenagers because anyone older then 20 is more then capable of reading between the lines of your rhetoric. You repeat...
  4. This requires a mention

    I let this go a long time ago.. you can't stop arguing with teenage boys... That's just weird.
  5. This requires a mention

    Keep dreaming..... I do not observe the your Ethical Code, the one you apply as you see fit, but haven't in the past adhered to ( the question you deflect is the one in which you recognize your nasty unethical comments to me in our first written communication to me). For that you are a mere...
  6. This requires a mention

    Your using deflection again Stephen. Are you going to the mods?
  7. This requires a mention

    I detest spies.. and Selecues is not me.... so your argument is weak.... and again... putting the actions of one person on another your typical Method of Operation. Secondly, Selecues is rash because he's young, forgive this rather than find fault I am sure you were young once too.
  8. This requires a mention

    Wow.. I never said I would come back as a spy... All you are good at is being a playwright. Twisting words to your own benefit. You sir sent me a nasty e-mail battering my character during our first communications and obviously did not follow the rules, and you expect others to follow a moral...
  9. This requires a mention

    How can you sit there and state you are ethical when you degraded me during our first message exchange.
  10. This requires a mention

    Do you admit your first p.m exchange with me was a breach of the rules Stephen. I can not help but notice you evade this question, repeatedly.
  11. This requires a mention

    Your negative comments and superiority complex towards everyone shows your inner insecurities. You crucify me for the same rules you break, how contradictory of you.
  12. This requires a mention

    I think you fear your own shadow. You broke the rules too Stephen. Or does your memory elude you. I do not make allegations I can not back up.
  13. This requires a mention

    Blackmail, harassment, extortion and defamation of character are the charges. Let the court of public opinion render their decision.
  14. This requires a mention

    He is doing me a service so that I do not have to put up with your garbage anymore. I remember a message you sent to everyone calling Emily a spy, yet you tried to acquire her.. again just trying to damage peoples reputations... that is what you do best Stephen.
  15. This requires a mention

    I was right about him Selecues we were a threat to his power from day 1. Stephen is all about power. I am telling the teacher, I am calling the police, I am telling the supervisor.. I am telling the boss.. .I am going to the mods. Run Stephen run... I have heard this about a 1000 times in 8...