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    A ban on Bp boosting

    Back in the old old days and there was no inventory / tokens at all! I defo agree, you used to be able to look at BP rankings and it meant something a lot more than it does now
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    Grepodata is a scam

    I don't understand why is aggregation of player online times worse? Surely it's more anonymous and better from a GDPR perspective? I thought GDPR was about protecting personal and targeted data, and it doesn't care about aggregated data as much?
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    What is goldlocking?
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    A ban on Bp boosting

    In this scenario the "flagging" to notify the mod that this person has violated the rule of bp boosting wouldn't happen, since they left their alliance and joined another one - not left and then rejoined the same alliance. Good idea OP I think it should be against the rules. Even if it's not...
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    I think the game needs to improve it's fundamentals more rather than just adding new stuff like new gods, heroes, items, etc
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    Spamming as in doing lots of attacks is against the rules? That's crazy to me. I thought it was part of the game. On tribalwars (the precursor to Grepolis) there is no farming villages, and the term "farming" comes from repeatedly attacking all the nearby players in order to steal their resources
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    Last Message Wins - Eleven

    very good!
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    Last Message Wins - Eleven

    hello, how are you?
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    Attack of the Hydra Feedback Thread

    Why are the travel times so long? Feels a bit silly that my soldiers take 4 hours to travel to the hydra which is just outside my city
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    Change increase favor production item description

    Gods are generating me favour... with the Gods? Doesn't make sense? This item has a silly discription! It should be changed to something like "Your temple preists are extrodinarily active and generate additional favor"
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    Make game last

    In a way all you're doing is cutting in half unit speed times. You could in effect make a unit speed 0.5 world.
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    Guys that change their name often

    Hahahahahah nice
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    Guys that change their name often

    Where'd they go?
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    Last Message Wins - Eleven

    you're right, now I'm disqualified :(
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    Last Message Wins - Eleven

    I win!