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    My Hill

    My mate Crocodile Dundee is watching all of this, sees the crocs about to eat me, stops them, teaches them to bake and they in turn entice you into eating a delicious looking cake.... filled with 3 week old cream. You get sick and have to sprint to the bathroom. My hill
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    My Hill

    I study for years the art of the puzzle, put spock back together then throw you both into the crocodile infested water. MY HILL!
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    Hahahahaha nice pic, how did you teach your cat to hold a gun like that?:heh:
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    Post your walls

    Nice, I'll post mine up in a week or so when I'm back from VM. My 'defeated as a defender' stats will be pro as
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    Ridiculous story, but i laughed for ages at this:
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    Post your walls

    wowie, talk about the walking dead.... I can't seem to see yours though spock
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    The Mu Times Edition 12

    I've been inactive of late so have missed out on a lot of things, but it is great to come back and read your 'papers' and catch up on all the events. Thanks alot and keep up the good work:)
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    More info about anti-timing?

    Please! haha
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    Top 12 Alliance Discussion's

    No one else wants to do one now, pretty hard to follow that one baron :P
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    Mu times Sj style

    What if the old folks have one of those stool things with 4 legs...? hahaha Good job Sj :)
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    PnP - NaT Vs Cerberus

    Similar to some of the attacks I'm getting from RME
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    ally war disband

    Ally: SF, would be at the top in a few months if the top players didn't join DCS War: HPT, 1 guy can't be that hard to take down... haha Disband: EWT, carry much? Totoro, M.O.B, Survivor School
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    Top 12 Alliance Discussion's

    Best summary I think I've ever seen, info wise. Good coments in there to. + rep
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    I need a new alliance

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Montrose you cheeky bugger! Those cities were getting in the way anyway... :Angry: Bit off topic? Whats your game name scorpion? Where in the world are you sitiuated?
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    Now thats a merge!

    Geez that could be dangerous, I feel sorry for whoever they set their sights on next Imagine an RME - GG merge... epic haha. They would lose alot of inactives though so I don't think they would go for it:P