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    Imbros: Toucan's Log

    Oh, do you know the muffin man The muffin man, the muffin man Oh, do you know the muffin man That lives on Drury Lane? :o
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    For the Next Conquest World

    3 / 3 :cool:
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    So, Who is playing?

    Hey guys, decided to come back to grepo after a long absence :Pro: I played long ago on Juktas, Thebes, and Pella.. and a little on the US server when it first came out. I'm out on the W edge of O35.. hopefully I can knock of the rust and start causing some terror when my bp ends! :P
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    LoD/Ateam vs DoW/BOOM ---- WAR

    fun for all ages ;)
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    Forums - dead

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    Your Mod

    Joris or Bust!! :D
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    R.I.P. Onlyevil

    R.I.P onlyevil you were a great grepo player, my condolences to his family and his friends in sour apples. Also I would like to thank all the players of thebes for being upstanding players and coming together and showing there class in times like this ;) This has been a fun and competitive...
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    Pnp Challenge in 55

    I played Juktas lol :D
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    Pnp Ulster v Rampant Rabbits

    when they start racking up ABP against talented alliances then they can start bragging about it
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    Pnp ... hello there.

    DT hasnt said anything since the nap break so come up with something new! Lets face it LoD A team are the new most hated alliances on thebes, you have more badgering trolls then anyone else by a long shot.
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    Pnp ... hello there.

    maybe one day Ragintel will help his team and have his own accomplishments to brag about... thnx for the - rep by the way
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    Pnp ... hello there.

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    The Thebes Dream Team

    we'd need a top 400 then for you to be on that roster ;)
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    3 Way Thebes ~ War for the core

    ya I seen DW's post... Ruthless is in the core and fighting in it, so my original statement stands
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    3 Way Thebes ~ War for the core

    for having a Nap with LS they sure did do a nice job defending a SoD city I tried to land a cs in... and also SoD lost a city to DT, they just decided to boot that member before it finished as tyrone said. also you didnt include the fact that DT is 25-0 against Ruthless in those last 14 days