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  1. The Story of Asine

    You would be a bottom feeder in all three of the alliances you mentioned tbh. Kind of reduces your legitimacy as a commentator when you can barely play the damn game
  2. trash talk

    Lol, Lol, Toons
  3. The Story of Asine

    She talking to Odins or the other people playing her account
  4. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

    No, you've made it very clear on this and other occasions that nonsense is definitely your language of choice.
  5. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

    Is that what we're calling it
  6. Top 12 Top... Some amount of alliances

    Someone who cannot differentiate between "you're" and "your" in their first language should not be slamming anyone about how they speak another. You're welcome.
  7. The Story of Asine

    1563 roubles, nice
  8. Top 12 Top12 - Alliances/Predictions

    It means you prefer dishing out handies in the parking lot to fighting in it. Diplomacy should be a complement to your game, not the reason you play it.
  9. Olympus Endgame - Revolt issues

    Another conquest world where I can make 2k gold? Why not. Seriously, releasing a new endgame without giving due thought about how it would work for a good chunk of the player base? Pfft.
  10. Count to 150 before a mad... erm i meant mod posts

    Probably the first time 1saaa has won anything in his life :cool:
  11. Proposal Balancing DLU vs Myth event tokens

    The problem really is it takes ages for the equivalent pop to generate with DLU tokens (usually at least 8 hours) whereas the myth tokens spawn fully in a shorter time. This makes Erinyes in particular way overpowered.
  12. "Centre your city on the map after switching cities" off, mobile

    Good idea. Also I'd like Inno to fix it so when you click on a city on the app it doesn't take two tries to find it.
  13. Proposal Expand the Farm

    Farm size is fine. If you want more opportunity to be a mantiwhore, take more cities.
  14. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    Much as I like the two players who went from TF to FN, counting them as 'their best' is ridiculous. There's a reason neither player is welcome in True Fear any more. I agree with your analysis overall though. FN failed to get their boots dirty enough early on and that's why they ultimately failed.
  15. trash talk

    Internals must have run out or something ALEXANDER THE OKAY IN CAPITAL LETTERS INNIT