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  1. Newspaper The Nagidos Nag, Issue I've lost count

    Round N' Round we go - :D , We all know exactly why the PACT was broken so trying to dilute the reasons is your choice. 24hrs Notice was Given for NAP so what more you want , a dancing Bear :p Or you think we were going to mend anything in future after all the Alky is back stabber ,Alky...
  2. Newspaper The Nagidos Nag, Issue City Final Late Edition

    Really still stuck on this :rolleyes:, So how do you "Rule" ?? , With Love and Kisses , Who exactly do you rule ? -
  3. Newspaper The Nagidos Nag, Issue City Final Late Edition

    Yes and free will to block you also which have done , maybe if you had the same nature towards "your guys" then so many wouldn't want to dismiss you. Let me see , yeah i will give you 30mins to respond , that's how it goes no :D
  4. Newspaper The Nagidos Nag, Issue City Final Late Edition

    Eh i think that is a little rich , The amount of mails i have seen with you bullying my players to bend to your will since you have been back. Would love for you to show me one where i have done the same to any of your guys. o_O
  5. Newspaper The Nagidos Nag, Issue I've lost count

    You have some nerve considering it was The Langoliers who were covering you backside for weeks and for you to then turn around and blame them for your losses , mail my players threatening them if they didn't open your mail and support they would be evicted from the alliance, Blocking you was...
  6. Newspaper The Nagidos Nag, Issue I've lost count

    I dont require cuddling from anyone thanks , i suggest you speak to my players who are the ones who matter. Possibly the ones forwarding me on your non stop mails trying to get them to swap you cities , threatening them and of course trying to recruit them. These and all my players are the only...
  7. Competition VOTE: PnP Comp for Nagidos

    Well guess it needs to be Bear with his FairyTales due to the creativity and the certain flare he entails , although he sees me in worlds I've never been in :rolleyes: he does posses some humour ;)
  8. Pnp Need Gold

    Erm i think you where privy to the dissolving of the PACT as happened on the 6th Feb , a NAP was dissolved while you were away due to new relations being formed . This obviously didn't happen over night so you going on VM was not the main focus of all our lives. :p
  9. Newspaper The Nagidos Nag, Issue I've lost count

    Course he does buddy , told you he would but they who have no facts make up there own as usual :)
  10. Competition PnP Competition for Nagidos

    It's Bearly Done :)
  11. Newspaper The Nagidos Nag, Issue 2

    Right on Valentines Day - How Romantic :p , Who paid for the Dinner :D
  12. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    I don't think you actually got my point but that's ok , I see you have no experience in understanding basic English so Toodle Loo
  13. Caustic - real deal?

    Caustic lol , biggest wingers and arrogant players ive ever come across , Oh why you attacking our players boohoo , you so good you attacking smaller players haha - as they attacked my alliance of less than 10 ;) , yeah great comparison there . Well now after having time to organise im 150...
  14. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    Yes what is it with the moaning :D , ive never come across such whining before - oh why you attacking our player - oh boo hoo , we will attack your guys but moan at you for attacking ours - wet blankets lol
  15. Newspaper The Nagidos Nag, Issue 9

    Im type 2 :D