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    Update to 2.41 Discussion Thread

    On my achilles server the 30% defense bonus still exists. While attack is 10%
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    Update to 2.41 Discussion Thread

    I personally think, the percentage for the attack bonus should be determined by the difficulty of the quest. eg. Top is 30% Improved attack after completing a difficult quest, and 5% for easy quests.
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    Pnp The Tide has Turned

    Dirty Dozen
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    Forge of Empires Beta

    Well it is much more developed now.
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    Newspaper The Rho Reporter Hero Story

    Of course, that cannot be changed
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    Auto-Updating Maps

    They ghosted me but kept some players, that is odd. It ghosts randomly
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    Congratulations to The Phalanx

    We locked each other out with level 10 wonders. The Theta United Fighters plan failed at the end with the Phalanx winning
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    Krypteia - Winners Of Tau

    Join Gela, Krypteia is there. Select NE
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    Hall of Fame bug in Rho

    On the Rho Hall of Fame, it says that many alliances have completed all 7 wonders and so far, only Eviction Notice has completed all 7 wonders. There are about 7, 8 alliances listed there. Is this a bug?
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    The state of Rho...

    No time for that killer, one month countdown has already been initiated, we can't kill each other in this time period.
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    Grepolis Moderators and Administrators?

    Why is the countdown for world closing starting even though there are more than 300 people? :Angry:
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    Auto-Updating Maps

    The registration is closed.
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    The state of Rho...

    Evolution and BIA have merged to form Retribution, the new no. 1 alliance.
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    The state of Rho...

    Rather 250.
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    The state of Rho...

    Grepolis shouldn't close worlds that easily.