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  1. Indies have landed.. Well.. some of them..

    Can it be that it was all so simple once. Can't we all just get along?
  2. Indies have landed.. Well.. some of them..

    I'm unrelated to this but that is really, really low if it's true...
  3. Announcement Let the Party Begins

    Hiya bud. This world hasn't experienced too many jolts. Though it has proved to be one that has unfairly devoured a lot of it's active and well meaning patrons.
  4. Top 12 Alliances

    Well i was wrong about sweet syn... guess the internal problems were worse than had been reported :D
  5. Top 12 Alliances

    My Top 12 :) 1) Sweet Syn - Swim. After a look on the world map and a quick check of a few important stats, i'd have to give this alliance a 'swim'. Currently holding some good key players and are climbing the BP ranks nicely. Expect them to overtake stoats within the week in BP. Also they're...
  6. Newspaper en76 issue 1

    Good to see a paper start up here. Need to get us in on things next time :P
  7. Top 12 Alliances

    Nother forum member now, haha, you've got 5 of us :P
  8. O55/o65

    Not sure if people even use externals any more these days, but anyways... Anyone that's keen to team up with a charming player such as myself that located in O65 or on the O55/65 border drop me a line in game and we'll have a nice chat. Cheers lads.
  9. General Chat Topic Gonnos

    I blame the bloody dog! >:(
  10. The sound of silence

    Haha, Simon and Garfunkel
  11. Newspaper Where's it at?

    Might do it for kicks, will be hanging round for next few months, but anybody with expectations should take a look at my username before starting on quality control ;)
  12. Important Competition Timeee!!

    Count me in :) Edit: A little off topic, but am i the only one that thinks the forum smiley faces look like cartoon chickens?
  13. Noob messages/threats

    Did I just... see you... agree on something??? BEWARE PEOPLE THE PARADOX HAS BEEN UNLEASHED AND THE END IS NEAR!!!
  14. Rate The Player Above You

    You realize how inactive the forums are right. LOL