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    Birs are useless in preventing flying revolts, which means with Manticores attacker can revolt almost all of defender's cities and defense will be stretched thin.
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    Not enjoying this anymore!!!

    Yeap, the game is done. I am not spending any more gold here. Used my last few to get event prizes.. enough to have some fun, and left the rest for premium. This was a stupid event, would have been better if we had cereberus, boars too. But manticores have destroyed the game. I have no idea...
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    Petition to Remove Instant Buy!

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    Pnp Gold gold gold and more gold

    The sad thing is that players have shown innogames that this new model works. By spending 1000s of dollars in the first couple of days, this world probably made inno more money than any other world. In the end it is a business, for them it doesn't matter if 5k players play the world.. as long...
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    Top 12 Alliances

    I agree lol, idk whom could have poles left a bad taste in. When they have made an alliance.. they have stuck by it. and lol shingzu, you cracked me up!
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    SI/Cerb VS Jugg Op Stats

    If it was SI+Cerb vs Juggs.. we would have had no problems and would have beaten them then too. But it wasn't. It was SI+Cerb+Grim+Damage vs Juggs.. and that's why we asked for Polish Help to even the odds and as soon as odds were evened, SI leaders ran away. Kalus left because he knew the...
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    SI/Cerb VS Jugg Op Stats

    Every world is different, obviously in other worlds they may have not done diplomatic blunders nor they did here or fought against the caliber of players they have fought here. Not just counting Juggs, but also Poles. Nichy, saying the truth doesnt mean he is trying to impress us lol.
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    SI/Cerb VS Jugg Op Stats

    the stats have gone way beyond the point to get a simple numerical update anymore.. It takes a while to calculate cities lost by all alliances and their academies lol But i think it is pretty evident here that the war has shifted quite a bit in Juggs/Poles favor. (I just hope i dont have to...
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    Milestones Helorus Milestone Thread

    First Alliance to 2M ABP: Juggernaut (Milestone missing) First Alliance to 1000 Cities: Juggernaut First Alliance to 1000 Colonization gains: Juggernaut First Player to 50 cities: ArjaaAineZ First Player to 500k Points: ArjaaAineZ First Little War: Juggernaut + Polish Legion vs...
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    Are they merging or Is there an internal conflict?

    Its an internal conflict. Grim has lost 2 leaders in the past 1 week.. and players aren't happy from what I can tell.
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    Who wears short shorts?

    I just saw Ice again..
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    The great war thread

    Well to bring the topic back to life, I will add some info here. Current Wars in this world war: (Only top 15 alliances counted, only counting direct wars, not support) Rank 1 is worth 15pts and rank 15 is worth 1pts. 1) Juggernaut Juggs are at war with: SI + Grim + Cerberus + Grimlins +...
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    SI/Cerb VS Jugg Op Stats

    or 2 i must say.. can't count out the other in SamSamych. But at the same time.. Poles/Juggs have found a few in SI/Cerb too ;)
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    Turning Point

    Very True, can't agree more to most of it. Same to the posts by Boogey and Jethro... there's still plenty left in the war and us bickering over small little things is nothing unless we can show it in the battlefield.