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    The Counter's @ Zero - Farewell Rhammus

    So its over, the dust has settled, and EQ came out on top with 7 WW and the best damn bunch of people I've ever had the pleasure to game with. Thank you once again and a huge Happy New Year to you all...friends and foes alike. I am so happy to have this server be my last and New years to be...
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    Top 12 Top 12 SINK OR SWIM

    If by "Not that it really worked" you mean, we won and nothing you did mattered, yes, I agree. If by "Pretty OK" you mean, you lost using it and it didn't get your alliance anywhere then yeah sure. I also enjoy the comparison you use there, "Your strategy" vs. "EQ Strategy". Does that imply...
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    Great Conquest Leaders

    socrates was a good battle commander, milos21 a great internal PR rep as he has the respect of most, and daizan great at getting things started, unfortunately he never had much staying power once he did. the best part of venom on most servers was the capacity to work together, the players made...
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    News from the Grepolis Beta Server

    I'd like to say that I am surprised, both by Innogames lack of reasoning and forethought, and that the first responder to this is a player without any WW and therefore has nothing to lose by this new rule, however i'm not, because both company and player lack any semblance of consideration...
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    A little bit scared?

    Since you already selected the other option...
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    A little bit scared?

    I knew you were incapable of not having the last word.
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    A little bit scared?

    Bravo indeed, with the amount of cities you have, and the amount of time you have in game, not to mention I have barely ever tried, I think I failed once, and would have landed the other time but for not having a slot ;-p and now this time, caught you with your APP not working....I knew there...
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    A little bit scared?

    Ranking shadow? That would have to hold significance to me to put me over any edge. I have never been one to get caught up on personal stats, this is a team game imo, we rise and fall by what we do as a group, not what we do as individuals, even digi would have to say the same, since we all...
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    A little bit scared?

    3 months later and you are still as entertaining as a declawed cat in a nylon bag haha...ha If you only knew 1/2 as much as you think you know, you'd know about 1/3 of what 1/4 of Equilibrium knows 5/8's of the time. And yes, I'm 9/10's sure of that. I am hoping the math of this distracts...
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    Milestones Well done to OVen... DM gone and done it...

    Took us a year or so, but we finally managed to take Venoms WW out of play and re situate ourselves as Masters of Rhammus once again!! Well done Equilibrium for a long and hard fought victory for the second time around ;-) And well done Venom for being such good sports and magnanimous in...
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    2.111 Discussion Thread

    an option to turn it off, or change the banner into something that reflects the games genre would be welcome, right now it looks like a banner left over from some medieval game innogames was developing and nothing like a greek game. I also wanted to point out that occasionally the text that is...
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    A little bit scared?

    Your strategy doesn't include using the event to build myth nukes? You have serious issues dude. Enjoy the game or don't but stop being a hypocrite, its boring.
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    A little bit scared?

    nah, that is the sort of thing that is reserved for internal forums or mail, I don't feel the need to come on the externals to either complain or congratulate, unless of course its for winning the server, which as you know, we already did and I have thanked EQ for that publicly on these forums...
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    A little bit scared?

    You are absolutely right digi, thank you for posting this and giving me the opportunity to thank EQ for stepping up and being the best alliance I've had the privilege to play with in Rhammus. You guys are Awesome !!
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    dear god, Easter and Thanksgiving are hardly the same. Thanksgiving is celebrating the harvest and thanking the native indians for their aid....Easter is celebrating the rebirth of Christ. I'd tend to think one of those two has a bit more international appeal than the other. Mind you I do...