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  1. Top 12 v2

    I can second the part about 1saa as well lul, we were planing a traitorous op to take him out before he becomes op
  2. Milestones The end of a looooong road...

    Sad to see you boys go, hopefully all ends up well and we meet again in this game, til then gl in real life, been a pleasure working with you all.
  3. Compliment Thread

    Well earned victory for the Hugzies thank you for the fights and non toxicity, and thanks to all the Hounds it's been a great ride, hoping for more in the coming worlds. PS: Il be taking my starting city back, thank you for keeping it safe for me.
  4. Pnp Storm Hug This - They can't stop all of us

    We shall suceed where the brave souls of area 51 didn't