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  1. Top 12 Top12 - Alliances/Predictions

    Nahh, Buxks is past. He's not even #1 anymore *unsubscribed* I will be Legion
  2. Top 12 Top12 - Alliances/Predictions

    No, I want to be Kuni. This is reserved ... Sorry pal
  3. Top 12 Top12 - Alliances/Predictions

    Bucks is Medicated. Actually I am Bucks too. But I talk different only to stay under radar. Smart.
  4. Pnp GOAT FAIL

    Don't listen to dubs tutorial how to backstab. Only very very low quality people backstab. I think if you are a good leader others will see and you will get promoted. And in this way you have the chance to build something way more stronger in long term. Backstabs only creates internal issues...
  5. Top 12 Top12 - Alliances/Predictions

    I told everyone you are Skudish. No one listened :(
  6. The Story of Asine

    You just disrespect and deny them with any occasion, what should they understand?
  7. Top 12 Top12 - Alliances/Predictions

    Very accurate. But Hounds looks like they are indestructible. They were hit by us and then by TSB (that is a great alliance, with no incompetent leaders) and they are still alive, it's awesome, I think I will join them. 1. TSB and TDS and Sons - These guys comes at pack, it's a promotion, buy...
  8. The Story of Asine

    1. I don't see why you should be afraid of hounds, we fought them in 20 players and won. You can't come here to say this, really. But somehow I understand you here, so yes, lets say you had a good reason. Thing that I never blamed you for. Even I told to hounds this recruits will make TSB jump...
  9. The Story of Asine

    No, no, no and again no. Flags are not cuddling with anyone. We are our own power and alliance, we are nobody's dogs. We respect players and teams that deserves respect. You can say everything about banda, but they do have a word and almost everytime they treated us with respect (almost...
  10. The Story of Asine

    If you want to build an elite alliance I can provide you alarmless players so you can kick them and save your stats. But you will have only 10 players left in your alliance. Meh. See that's why russians you blame, are better than you, because they use alarm.
  11. The Story of Asine

    Lol, not me. I am stupid. I did nothing. You need Harvard Degree to do this job. Do you still want to take Coll's city? Should I send there troops to be boosted by shady?
  12. The Story of Asine

    @princess Kuini @Shady Time @shady in general lol I congratulate you for your victory against the mighty Hounds. I can tell you from inside, for 95% (and I made calculations) didn't even bothered to post their revolts. So you took ghosts. Noobas! And you have the guts to come and be proud in...
  13. Top 12 Top12 - Alliances/Predictions

    Very accurate, but where is my meme?
  14. Top 12 Top12 - Alliances/Predictions

    You know what to do!
  15. World Chat - EN129 (Asine) Haters gonna hate!