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  1. Sink or Swim

    Here is honest review: SPARTANS: MRA, will sink eventually The powere of peace: will sink, just look at the players only few decent players Black Knights: CURRENTLY HERE The ottomans: MRA HUGE FAIL sink just look at the noobs In Kontrol: Swim Infectious: Float/sink| UNSURE as they do not look...
  2. recruitment -HACKER

    They are dead before the bp ended things seem to be moving fast; good good, down with the mra's
  3. Pnp MRA and Noobs

    I am with you in this one juliosathia :cool: LET THE NOOBS FALL ;) They do not understand the concept of growing an army while growing a city :Pro:
  4. Newspaper Gonnos Galore

    I think umm... we might have killed each other by the time the jolly old newspaper comes out :Pro:
  5. Black Knights

    :) SUPPORT :cool: