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    Pre-World Rhodes Discussion Thread

    Wonder if this world will be conquest or revolt.
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    Top 12 TOP 12 SINK OR SWIM

    I dont see you guys going bye bye anytime soon Ares and even if it comes to the fight I know The Shady Bunch has some great players so will be a great fight just my opinion even though I am in Insomnia.
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    Top 12 TOP 12 SINK OR SWIM

    There will let you float a few xD
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    Top 12 TOP 12 SINK OR SWIM

    Top 12 Sink or Swim 1. Fear- Spread out in 44 not really seeing a focused core with all the islands that I see with cities on them spread out through 44. 2nd in ABP and 8th DBP so looking at this I am guessing not 100% sure but seems like these guys are not have much pressure on them yet. No...
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    Cry Room

    Now Now be nice people its just a game xD
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    Guide Grepolis Guide Library

    Very well done looks like it to lot of time and hard work congrats.
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    Pre-World Pagasae Discussion Thread

    I am coming here to fight. :)
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    Grepolis Legends

    I would say Jock Rogan and headcase1 on byllis(en67) where legends of grepolis.
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    Contemplating creating a team for learner's

    You would need to get couple great players that would actually want to stick around,and not get persuaded when bigger alliances try to get them to join. I think the best platform of joining would be to try enter rim far away from core like oceans 74/75/84/85. I see them oceans being the best...
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    Would You Play A Old School World Today?

    I would actually make a return and play a server if they created it like they use to and not make it about who has the bigger wallet. That's why I left got tired of people going money crazy and making the game not fun I liked the old concept of Grepo more than I like this new version it just a...
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    I do not see Gauls controlling for long they will be eatin up in each ocean and with being in different ocean will be easy to spread there defense so seeing them fall quick will do a Top 12 after BP ends.
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    Pre-World Imbros Discussion Thread

    Not big fan of the speed but will be joining this world also to shake off some of the rust of conquest not played one in few years. If any premades form and want to contact me about joining please message me on here or skype aaron394860.
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    War Updates

    Can anyone give me a update on the wars in this world. Have not heard of many so would love to know who is fighting who, or if there are any coalitions?
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    Empyrean - (Next Revolt World)

    I am here now good to see you mars
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    Empyrean - (Next Revolt World)

    What makes a great alliance to you?: Dedication, Trust, Working Together, and Never Giving up when it gets hard. Do you have and use Skype?: yes aaron394860 Ingame Name? biohazard15 Do you have any Grepo skills you are particularly proud of and feel the alliance could benefit from? Good at...