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    Pnp You can hug or you can fight

    about time kron and miss weasy come back to grepo
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    Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    no more KRAKEN
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    Wars of Epidamnos

    doesnt matter they all turtle up when the shade starts coming
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    Top 12 TOP 12 SINK OR SWIM

    THE MUSKETEERS are in NO way associated with the old alliance of the same name...... this one is led by a crazy dreamer who think that since you are not attacked by the enemy (regardless the fact that now days you can look up a player so well) that you are a spy .... explicitive , nutcase
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    Newspaper The Pagasae Preacher, Issue 27

    even found an Eviction Notice but no one that i remember
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    This is ridiculous

    sounds like a player that i know MANSTER03
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    Instead of trash... why not try something better??

    totally agree kron... i dont play much anymore but i still count you as one of the best friends that ive made on here
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    Grepolis Battleship Guess Thread

    h 20 please
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    Helike (en90) Settings Poll

    speed 4 revolt !!
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim+Discussion

    Every world that EN plays has a coalition against them and we still win (its because of the group of leaders that we have)
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    When does the Gold Run out EN?

    everyone always seems to be hating on my beloved [alley]Eviction Notice[/ally] if we want to spend gold then we will and there is nothing stopping everyone.else from doing the same thing,we are a very competitive GROUP of people with a love for the game
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    I would just like to know exactlly how did all of the troops get in the city ???? did they come out of the ground or walk on water like a god ?? because that would be a heck of a ABP bonus from that mny transports :Pro:
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    Gold Trading Discussion and Feedback Thread

    add the feature if you want to but i wont use it and may quit grepo all together because that would make it like another game that i used to play called game of war-fire age (buy your city and troops)
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    IGB is gone too now
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    Top 12 Alliances of Pandosia

    this is in need of an update