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  1. Display corrupted

    did nothing. finally it was fixed.
  2. Display corrupted

    same here. i even tried on chrome which i never used it before to play. its the same transparent display.
  3. N/A - Premade

    i see some familar names. i will come back to EN server and join you guys if you dun mind :)
  4. Grepolis Battleship Guess Thread

    U9 please
  5. The Entourage -

    52 already in the team :)
  6. Robbyn Gone?

    been almost a year since the last post. i am in both conquest and revolts for awhile now in last half of the year 2014. i would say each type of world requires different strategies and each has its own challenge. Revolts relied heavily on your teammates and ops. Conquest requires a different...
  7. Responce to mrstazbabe mass mail

    Mra i, ii, iii :p
  8. Top 12 Alliances of Pandosia

    Font - infraction of internal rules? i guess you yet to learn why you been kicked. Firstly,you attack a teammate that is not yet classified by a leader to be up for internals so means you are attacking a playing teammate which indirectly you just branded yourself as a traitor. Secondly, neither...
  9. R.I.P Hangten61 Will be missed.

    Rest in peace fellow and brother hangten61.
  10. Robbyn Gone?

    nope i dun play there in caly. wasnt even in any world at that time.
  11. Robbyn Gone?

    What Robby says its true, i myself played alot of revolt worlds and this is the 2nd time im trying conquest. Ops dont seems to be popular in conquest world, catching someone sleeping seems to be more effective. if you dun use mobile apps, u r dead. i personally love ops, alot of teamwork...
  12. Argonauts

    Lets start One word Game? lol.
  13. Inactive Topic Proposal - Improved 'cleaning up forums'

    it actually will help save server and bandwidth resources if selective post can be deleted at one click instead of deleting a post at a time. An example: Objective : delete 50 post in a thread. current 1) delete post> ok > request to delete send for processing > refresh browser. Repeat...