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    Casual Settings

    I have 3200 points and I can't even attack somoene with 3600 points. It's actually stupid
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    Top 12 Sink or swim

    Weh Team are going to dominate this noob server for the lulz
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    Newspaper Trash Talk

    You are all terrible
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    Top 12 Alliances

    Any MRA near us we will be against yes. Yes Mr Krainet, noobs like Boris The Cat and Ultima Thule knew they were going to die sooner rather than later so they just folded. Shame really, I was enjoying their BP
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    Count to 10 before Pushy posts.

    He logged in to PM me so he is around. He just likes to let threads die or delete them so you lot are wasting your time. Why not actually talk about the world instead of a moderator who doesn't even play here.
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    Mobile Grepolis Discussion

    I think the whole interface needs a re haul. I deleted the app and if I need to do a quick emergency on the go log in I just use the browser version what runs like but it actually works.
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    Top 12 Alliances

    We are fighting two MRA's plus Illu are trying it a little bit. At this stage in the game we can't be everywhere like how we were but we are still bosses of actium
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    Pre World Oropos Discussion Thread

    Like I said 1000 times, best place to learn the game is on the rim.
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    The King has a message

    Bump The Urethra was slayed by his own men. Never doubt the king
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    Illu now attacking Clocks Do they really want to do this?
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    Top 12 Alliances

    I will try and get someone to take it for me on Friday ;) They went against Clockmare like every other alliance and didn't last long. Considering we are not as active any more just shows the skill level of their players.
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    Top 12 Alliances

    It's coming, just been very busy the last month or so. Infact I have 2 pics for SG ;)
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    Count to 10 before Pushy posts.

    What a terrible thread Please never post here in Actium again, this is a big boy forum, no time for small fish here
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    The Demise of Grepolis (premades)

    The rim is a good place to learn the craft of the game. But if you feel the need for inno to open a new world every Thursday then you are a fool
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    Pre World Nicaea Discussion Thread

    Nice to see the cancer of grepolis out in full force