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    Worth coming back

    I still see no world for savages, where you can only grow through conquest of other players, where founding cities and conquering ghost towns is disallowed. Inno still have not learned competition and fear of elimination is what will generate the most use of gold. smh.
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    Player's Council Discussion Thread

    The main issue for me was people strategizing on how to best set their alliances up geographically in time for world wonders at the start of servers. This led to redonkulous amount colonizing and alliances trying to consolidate their cores instead of invading other oceans to take down rival...
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    Slyther/n - Speed 2 Conquest World

    If they can do Hyperborea, they can do away with colonising and ghost taking altogether, have a conquests only world, if that happens I will be here otherwise I do not see this happening. World where only way to grow is by taking other players cities will redeem this game for a lot of people.
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    Slyther/n - Speed 2 Conquest World

    I am not sure I will be playing Grepolis anymore mate, I just don't see how we can take down alliances without rimming players, with players encouraged to colonise more and more its an endless task when conquests are limited by city slots. They will be spawning up cities faster than we can earn...
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    Grepolis Classic Discussion Thread

    There's no making some people happy, lol. Players demanding revolt shut up already.
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    you should be glad Grepolis is declining

    I guess that's why they trying to turn this game more and more like FoE, I am having second thoughts about starting an alliance again.
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    Colony Ship Research Change Discussion Thread

    Basically eliminating any chance of rimming a player at the beginning of a server. Implement that kind of sh.. on a world I start in, I am outta here.
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    Curtain Call - Fast Conquest - Premade

    Not gonna work mate, no diplomacy means no friends, no agreements, no allegiances. Giving anyone a pass that is not in your own alliance is huge mistake, if there is another good alliance on the server players will jump ship soon as they have disagreements with leadership. When that happens scum...
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    Curtain Call - Fast Conquest - Premade

    This part is very admirable.
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    Slyther/n - Speed 2 Conquest World

    I highly doubt we can compete with your determination or your team, so worry not about us but those who are playing under new names from what I understand they took your last crown. If we do end up on the same server I would appreciate if you did not send agents my way as I do like giving new...
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    Trash Talk

    Low morale drivers? Isn't that where you originise a whole op to take just one city, the one where if you are good enough you can rim a player within a month? Sounds like you have found a way to work around Morale mate, good for you. Now bugger off and go colonize another city, and thank the...
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    Trash Talk

    I think you will find out you are wrong about that mate, with morale in effect half of your big players will not be able to attack half of the players that attack them. The bigger you get the harder it will become, while those simming and with numbers on their side will continuously internalise...
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    Trash Talk

    Sounds like my kind of alliance than, its shame you probably have no space for me just like you don't have space in your alliance name. :D
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    Trash Talk

    I agree with you mostly but the cap is too small here, all the top alliances in grepo past had 80-90 players. You seem to have only good things to say about ThePlague so its quite obvious who the LAELAPS are hugging.
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    EN100 Old Timers Only

    Lucky for you bruv looks like they are going to give some speed server, so we won't be their to rival you.