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    Pnp Just when i thought we were done

    LOVE lost....fair and square! Vlat tried from rimside, fair and square! US won..fair and square!! In this world, history will remember GOMAAL, US, Misfits I II III and U.S... no one else! Am I enjoying RL.. hell yeah! Naji is and always will be Namel and nice to see you still around...
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    Katane Chronicles

    You forgot to add another alliance to that team of 3. And this would undoubtedly be one of the dumbest post's that I have come across in the past 3 years.
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    Perfect Storm?

    Looks like D.N ran a tiny OP on you'll and you'll are now crumbing ;)
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    Newspaper The Katane Observer Issue VI

    Looks like Damage Incorporated just started collapsing after a week's loss. They thought they had another Perfect Storm or TW-Shadow to gobble up but they messed with the wrong team. LOL
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    Perfect Storm?

    ahahah Oh hell.. Don't tell me we'll soon see a Man U mass alliance gathering? hehehehe.
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    Perfect Storm?

    The obvious doesn't need to be stated :D
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    Perfect Storm?

    Looks like I misread your comment. Yes I agree with you with your above post. A good idea but carried out without quality, Quantity is never as good as quality.
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    Perfect Storm?

    And why would you say that? Your opinion would vary from another person's point of view. But if you think something is stupid, do you have an explanation as to why it is? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this?
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    Perfect Storm?

    A few points to note. (1) An excellent thought by Screaming Commander. I don't think this has ever been done before in Grepo. He solely recruited 80% of the players. (2) The main issue being mass recruitment with most not knowing what a LS is. Selective recruitment is mandatory. (3) I had...
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    Milestones Of Achilles

    Ah, correct you are. i wonder who the resistance is from where and from which team? Strange you didn't really check your stats, did you before posting this. Pity i came back on this thread and year later....would have been amusing.
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    Milestones Of Achilles

    . Do you see The resistance mate.. all part of the same team as TT in Sigma. hope Ive answered your question.
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    Well, this is a first for me having to come here to recruit. I'm kick starting the name D.N. which won world sigma. I'm a player/leader from that team, so I think I'm allowed to carry on the name even though the World has closed without hurting sentiments. Anyway, I'm looking for...
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    3rd time is supposed to be the CHARM

    LMFAO! :D :D :D My two cents, he for sure will come back when he finally gets a city and again, the same trash talk will start all over again. lol
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    World Wonders

    Here it is mate. No more invites.
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    Top 12 Top 12 Alliance Discussion

    I know. I love The resistance hence, choose them instead of TT when I first joined even though I had the option. Other world duty and Rl came into play hence had to leave for a month rather than waste a deserving slot for another player and restarted again a few weeks back. Regarding both...