Dave Y

Solipicus/Blackfury/Dave Y/**KeyserSoze**/KCP99/AUnorthox

Don't forget Taras and Mochlos....Inno needs to add them in as well

Bring IT!!!


I don't care for your incompetence in playing this game, don't mail me about your problems.

Eww someone attacked me!! what should I do??

I am going to take your city.
Can you please make sure you have not researched pathetic things.
1st Gen Worlds You Play
Alpha, Epsilon, Pi
2nd Gen Worlds You Play
Knossos, Pella
3rd Gen Worlds You Play
Calydon, Kos, Lindos
4th Generation Worlds
Cythera, Gonnos
Hero Worlds You Play
Elysian Fields





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