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  1. Won't be returning to the game

    altho i said my previous post is my last but i wanted to post again just to say im done with the game and i actually mean it.... there's this other game im playing but doesnt require me to lose sleep like this game does! if you guys play pokemon go you guys can add me lmao. yeah i know ya'll be...
  2. Won't be returning to the game

    Also this is gonna be my last post.,.... only to return for dms from any friends who wish to keep in touch. It's frankly not easy pulling the plug on something you love to do. Just picture this you have a gun pointed to your head.... and you want to pull the trigger but things keep you from not...
  3. Won't be returning to the game

    Yeah i have found a lot of time on externals thats true.... i handed off 2 cities respectfully anyways. fake news to kratos and leedlee to the monster. i would have handed off more but thing is my parents just screaming at me to let go of the game. the only reason im on the externals is quite...
  4. Won't be returning to the game

    my first world was actium never got much higher than 2k points there and got rimmed. i had quite an interesting profile and it wasnt exactly appealing to the enemy alliance.... but anyway yeah i mean being online and have alarm is what saves cities. even more so in conquest
  5. Won't be returning to the game

    Was having dinner.... delicious homemade bread! And soup to go with it... don't worry it didnt have any bats in it as if things could get worse in this world. I apologize for this next wall of text but it's worth reading. Thanks I'll admit you are good at the game.... i mean stats wise. I mean...
  6. Won't be returning to the game

    That's a nice selfie btw ngl you are handsome :P You remember my bro bat soup right? apparently him and you were alright with each other. have not heard from the guy in ages. but i thought you tried playing serious there. i guess im wrong if thats for gold trading then alright. fair enough. as...
  7. Won't be returning to the game

    Just remember took 3 cities from your pathetic alliance. Oh and have fun taking my ghost cities cause unresearched almost everything! Nasty ain't it. As for reaping what you sow yeah I understand what you are saying care to elaborate how this applies in my case. I simply played this game had...
  8. Won't be returning to the game

    I am going to make this post relatively short as not to waste my time or the few brain cells I have left. I left Andros because of personal reasons. Those calling me a prick and me being told to f off in dms in discord well I've had enough. Slander my name all you guys want after how well I...
  9. Kaboom

    Nicely said dude! Merry christmas to ya too.
  10. Christmas Challenges - leader board

    I have 4 points XD Dave represent!
  11. Curious and for the new Generation.

    one world i had some weird mm's too from a player that sent to everyone. that was many worlds ago
  12. Curious and for the new Generation.

    This has always been going on destro. nothing new lol. just shrug it off it's the internet. plus there's the ingame reporting tool if someone's using bad language in dm's report it.
  13. Top Whatever

    Arespear im just joking when it comes to the wallet warriors part i respect you i really do but I've been around long enough to know these bigger alliances have way more coordination going on than alliances that are willing to take in noobs then the time comes for these noobs to get stomped on...
  14. Top Whatever

    No one cares