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    Bring Back The Grepolis Player's Council

    You got my support
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    Pnp Coalition or Coincidence? TBWC is behind?

    Lol exactly they're at war with our only pacted alliance so why shouldn't we count them? How can you compare them to TBWC- who you don't see helping anyone from our alliance and have no involvement with us whatsoever? Yes they might be attacking your pacts but that doesn't mean they're helping...
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    Pnp Coalition or Coincidence? TBWC is behind?

    We have almost half their players yet almost double their conquests... Explains enough... Funny to see how the opposite coalition refuses to acknowledge all the players involved in their war against us. Oh and yes @FlopTurnRiver the reason that TBWC doesn't attack us---------------- THEY ARE IN...
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    Pre-World Kelendris Discussion Thread

    I thought you said you were rich... More like broke :rolleyes:
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    When is the next world

    All those settings + Conquest Alliance cap: 15-20 Fast Dom system With these, the world should be rich in competition especially between premades :)
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    Top 12

    I like the idea... it would be really interesting to take part in, should be loads of fun :)
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    Greatest Grepo Players of All-Time

    I haven't really said greats but I did say people who I enjoyed playing with ;) With the large pool of players there are and was, no one is really the best or greatest. Though you can go ahead and make that list even if I might not know most of the players there lol but these people actually...
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    Greatest Grepo Players of All-Time

    Bro I would add you but I barely played with or against you lol But when I do I think I will enjoy it ;)
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    Greatest Grepo Players of All-Time

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion and you have yours. Individual players won't win a world by themselves no matter how good they are. These players actually know how to play as a team (cough Mutzzy lol) therefore I believe they would make a great team one day if it happened. You can have the...
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    Greatest Grepo Players of All-Time

    Honestly, since I came back in about June I can only pick a few players who I played along that I have really enjoyed playing with because of their style and they actually respect the fact that this is a game therefore set a good example. Honestly I would play with these players again anytime...
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    Top 10 Alliances

    If they coordinate and work as a team then they will be a danger to every alliance around ;)
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    Top 12 Top 12 - Predictions

    One simple thing: Magister Mortalis wipes out the whole world ;)
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    Trash Talk

    He won't last long if he's still playing anyway. He can't gold forever or even if he does, he's not a fighter nor have I seen him before so he'll probably rage quit as soon as he gets into a real fight :mad:
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    Trash Talk

    I believe THE NO ONE might have taken the city, the guy before was named different and from what I know you can't change names on an account unless I'm wrong