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    New Rules on spam???

    So you are Mr Allen... who would have guess lol
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    A Call to Old School Revolt Players

    Are you also LaSophie lol I thought I'd ask since you both like the 100.
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    Pre-world Pseira Discussion Thread

    lmao are you serious. we already have a speed 6 it's conquest.
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    Pre-world Pseira Discussion Thread

    Hey I'm a revolt player too :P
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    Pseira Premade *Time To Stop*

    We are dropping into the world this wednesday depending how many players we get. Requirements to join: Must be an active team player, use discord and be willing to pray to our lord and savior filthy frank. Contact me here or on discord. Add me on Discord: Sterben#2649 Roster: Yossarian234...
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    Pre-world Pseira Discussion Thread

    Shouldn't be much of a problem. It is a revolt world.
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    Greatest Grepo Players of All-Time

    Playing with kadjayuni right now. Can confirm he's badass;
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    World over view after 5 day protection comes off

    Says one of the biggest golders lmao.
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    DO NOoTs DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Move. What's your in game name?
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    Trouble pulling siege

    I had an incoming on one of my sieges so I had to pull cs. It was a 30 minute tt incoming attack. Was able to pull the cs after logging out and refreshing browser a few times. Took at least 10 minutes.... and really gave a me a lot of stress. This was the error notification I was receiving: Not...
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    Should have another summer speed world

    Please make another speed 50 world. I would totally play it.
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    Pre-World Oreus Discussion Thread

    Wow come on. Why couldn't it have been like dorylaion
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    Oreus (en125) - Premade

    Big Sink.
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    World 125 Pre-made "Stonks"

    If it is CQ will you still consider playing?
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    World 125 Pre-made "Stonks"

    Alliance name: Stonks World settings: whatever comes out next Requirements to join: Use discord. Be active in ops. Preferably have alarms. If no alarms then you're on the backline not frontline. Use of advisors is a must. How to contact me: Here's my discord: Sterben#2649. You can send me a...