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  1. No Fear??

    I dont know why i even bother. Sorry i even replied here.
  2. No Fear??

    We love the game, but hate the politics and rules. Each one of us is his own team, but he can also rely on his brothers for support and camaraderie. These are the rules, run your kingdom as you see fit. NO NAPS NO PACTS Membership is currently closed You say you hate...
  3. Pnp Hehe How extraordinary are you ? >:)

    Yes, IWW entered the war to help EG. No, you did not help them. You sat and watched us kill each other. And dont say you helped them, they lost 6 cities in 1 day, no way we could have done that if you were helping them. You are the manipulators in this case, and i dont like that. Sorry if this...
  4. Pnp Hehe How extraordinary are you ? >:)

    True, we won the first battle only. Full victory ? Again i agree, nope, it was going to be a long and fun war before before either side could call it a victory. And no, i dont dare predict we would have won either. Anyone that says you guy suck is an idiot. However, i dont understand how you...
  5. Sad but true

    He anounced he's going into VM shortly before he left. I personaly asumed he left becouse he's going into VM ( a common practice, tho i have no idea why people do it ). Can we stop this now, and have our war without who-has-bigger-you-know-what competitions :)
  6. Trade problem and internal error

    It seems to have been fixed, nice and fast response ;)
  7. Trade problem and internal error

    Biggest problem with this is, drop down reports, those that drop in the bottom right of the screen, DO NOT apear anymore. This seem to include incoming attacks as well, and thats a real problem.