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  1. Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Sink?

    Yeah sorry I dont know what to do with my excess silver
  2. Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Sink?

    are we really back on arguing about gold?
  3. Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Sink?

    Fiasco <3
  4. Dracarys vs. Everybody

    anyone Fire Ship only 1v1?
  5. Dracarys vs. Everybody

    I forget what people are even arguing about
  6. Dracarys vs. Everybody

    Am I saying that gold is evil and unfair and crying in my corner? No. Am I saying that you guys aren't a better team than everyone else just based on skill? No. What I'm saying is that gold gives an advantage and you have a lot of big users, meaning that it becomes harder for other alliances to...
  7. Best location to start?

    the en136 direction
  8. Dracarys vs. Everybody

    The winning culture and team you have built is very impressive and definitely a big factor to your success but you cant deny that a lot if not most of your players are big golders and that gives you a massive advantage. If everyone was on an even playing field, either with the same amount of...
  9. Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Sink?

    New godly tactic: Bore Fiasco to the point of quitting
  10. Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Sink?

    Well these past couple days have been confusing for sure
  11. Dracarys vs. Everybody

    We should get the admins to drop a team