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  1. Safe wishes

    Been gone for a few months and i come back to this??? What the f@#k :oops: i’ll crawl back to the shades again. (ps. stay safe ya’ll;))
  2. Reformation of Grepolis

    Its hard to say what is the right solution but with these new end games presented by Inno (i Can understand that a new one is coming again with temples?) then it seems like Inno is finally investing some time again into the game. i’ve just played a german server and numbers has decreased alot...
  3. Top 12 Thread

    You got that straight :cool::cool:
  4. Top 12 Thread

    Jup apparently i am the puppetmaster pulling every string on this server :eek: Dance puppets dance! :rolleyes:
  5. Top 12 Thread

    I Think you need to hurry up before everyone has fled to VM :eek:
  6. Top 12 Thread

    Sorry to say Mole but thats a load of BS. The list of b**** moves you guys have made during this server is longer than any other i’ve ever fought in my 7 or 8 years in Grepolis. There is a reason why you are alone now and why no one wants to stand by your side. Furthermore not pacting anyone...
  7. Top 12 Thread

    They might have a shot if they manage to gold up full DLU nukes in an hour like they do OLU nukes :p
  8. Top 12 Thread

    Lol aint that the truth :D
  9. Top 12 Thread

    Well cant hardly blame Them for pm’ing... at least I/we arent sending pathetic MMs to your group like Beer has several times or like Jefe who is threating players with a “join or die” attitude. And being outnumbered.. well welcome to my World lol ;)
  10. Top 12 Thread

    And yet you havent managed to break us :p and seven names? Nah check again but nice try ;) Btw rumor has it that the first player is already leaving... quite fast eh o_O Don’s World of Betting might end up in bankruptcy with this speed :eek::eek:
  11. Top 12 Thread

    Don’s World of Betting would love to sponsor it. We have good odds going as we speak on which SG/TBG player will be the first to ghost (its a tough Battle between three players). furthermore we also have good side beta going with good odds: 1. will a member of SG/TBG ghost before 01.10.2019...
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  13. Top 12 Thread

    Lol i respect that :)
  14. Top 12 Thread

    Ouch did i hit a nerve :eek: Im quite satisfied so far btw. Oh and what does Insurgence has to do with it lol?:p
  15. Top 12 Thread

    Im sure Hug-Nutz has some answers here o_O:eek: