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  1. To all CS members!

    Merge wanted to do it. We didnt want to do it, but we were forced to do it only to fight merge. Think about it.. Would you do war on eachother and let merge win easily ? doubt it. Turns out, they failed to deliver on their side, and now the anti-coalition is gonna give all their members a reward...
  2. Pnp The Grepo Ace (lol * to break the ice, try to be friends :-))

    Hmm, Erik what happend to Steve ? Wasnt he one of the mighty aces ?
  3. Sinope WW

    I'm in vacation barely getting in game. Why don't you talk to me anymore in game ? Was losing 100 cities in a single OP so frustrating that you had to call me names and block me ? Never expected you to get so hurt after that mate. Its just a game, win some lose some. Also, work on your English...
  4. Top 12 Sink or Swim+Discussion

    It is another EN, no matter how much you deny it Erik ;)
  5. Sinope WW

    Time to get back on topic, what say all you to that ? :)
  6. Sinope WW

    BTNB and Fluffers are the same, so its technically 6. :) nvm, Mongol empire recruits is a part of ME, so that reduces it to 5 :) And.. Upper hand ? Open the WW rankings again mate ;)
  7. Sinope WW

    Excuse me, its "THE MERGE" now. They have nothing in common with CS or EN, I SWEAR.. LOL ;)
  8. Sinope WW

    Really unfortunate they did that chill..
  9. Sinope WW

    Theres a leader already ? Dont you think its too early ? Its like putting up a top 12 list at the first 2 hours of a new server LOL
  10. Sinope Statistics

    That doesnt even make sense lol, btw, im not from HM, im from fluffers. From a third-party standpoint > They are kicking your behind and you have never experienced that before, so you whine in here because you can't accept it. Im done answering you lol, waste of time.
  11. Sinope Statistics

    He is dead serious, you are too. The only difference is he has stats to back his up.
  12. Sinope Statistics

    I agree lol, cowards, totally! Thats why they are taking cities from CS and AeO like its nothing, cause they are obviously running lol! You my friend dont see straight, get yourself some glasses.
  13. Pnp wow Im_blaze comes clean

    Thats probably the hardest hit on the entire server, bravo! :)
  14. Sinope Statistics

    Let's not forget Erik, at the beginning of all this, When the fluffs went on a conquering spree on you guys, there was no counter-coalition. It was fluffs/BTNB vs the CS coalition. You guys were huge at that time! Do you really know exactly how much was lost that day ? You cant possibly count...
  15. Pnp wow Im_blaze comes clean

    Temporary vs Full on Coalition. You started the MRA strat. We just happen to be doing it more efficient than it's creators lol!