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  1. Petition to Stop "Warfare Packages" from coming into the game

    this is ridiculous.... signed, and looking for a new game.. :(
  2. Petition to Ban Attack Alarm

    if i didnt sign up yet, sign me up !
  3. World Wonders - A Discussion

    still one of the better ideas for a wonder revamp, and fairly easy to change. thread deserves a bump :)
  4. Intel Tool by Triad

  5. War, Disband, Ally

    so eager to hear about your own alliance you put it up all the time ?? okay, Sanctuary - war, burn, disband.. hate mra's prometheus - disband Hydra - ally.. cool name next is: imperial order retribution seal team 1
  6. Mother's Day Massacre

    the poor ravens took another blow :)
  7. Intel Tool by Triad

    we aint that stupid :D
  8. Wars!!!

    lol who is this guy :rolleyes: .. where do you see excuses being made?? he just told you because of the high wall, we let the city go. time and troops better spend elsewhere :) stop sounding so butthurt, did we take your city or something ?
  9. War, Disband, Ally

    war - Last Legion war - Ravens Republic war - Avernus
  10. Wars!!!

    great leader.. and where is alpha dogs now.. doubt anyone would take ideas from you.
  11. Wars!!!

    very serious.. they dont fight at all.. i predict a future semiliar to Alpha Dogs lol
  12. Wars!!!

    is Ravens Republic fighting Triad... when did they start doing that :x
  13. no war thread ?

    sounds like fun, time to get your feet wet.. i think HH will come out on top of this one :)
  14. no war thread ?

    so far triad vs the world 59-0 i have only counted people who was in an alliance at the moment city was overtaken. there for inactives, ghosts, and those players who got kicked when under triad sieges(lol) is not counted for :)
  15. Top 12 Alliances of Zancle

    all your different sources are very wrong :)