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    Count to 150 before a mad... erm i meant mod posts

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    Newspaper Edition 1: The Times Are A Changing

    Nice to see newspapers are still being made on the forum. Good job tsf!
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    Count to 150 before a mad... erm i meant mod posts

    Just passing by..
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    Count to 150 before a mad... erm i meant mod posts

    oh my days...i remember when we used to give mods hell on this thread:D
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    You're still around? :O
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    How To......Basic Xenforo Forum Driving Lessons

    It is set up to look like a conversation,its just the old systems messages that you see a new thread for each message. Have you tried starting a conversation after the migration?
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    Petition to Stop "Warfare Packages" from coming into the game

    Pointless arguing about this...when the devs put this on hold they said that they will look into it more before releasing it later on(or some such BS). Even after so many players signed the petition saying they don't want this feature at all inno simply turned a deaf ear. The devs always do what...
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    Forum Migration Feedback/Bugs/Questions Thread

    tiny bug,not sure what's causing it but hovering over our avatar or alerts icon doesn't bring up the quick-view menu or whatever sometimes
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    Advanced -- Graphic Design by Xtcmax --

    hey xt not a big deal but could you get rid of the text in my current sig and replace it with, Druvi/Cuddles Assistant not too big though,thanks!
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    Forum Migration Feedback/Bugs/Questions Thread

    You need to upload the signature onto a image hosting site and use the URL by the looks of it. Also as for the text being cut off,is your monitor a widescreen one? Cause I'm having the same problem but if you zoom out of the page you can see it clearly again.
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    Forum Migration Feedback/Bugs/Questions Thread

    Definitely a fan of how the screen still fits non-wide screen monitors too! Like @pagodaswan (sorry testing that out :p ) said going to take awhile to get used to but I too like some of the new changes. For me though: Make the backgrounds of our replies to a darker shade of brown Overall color...
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    Forum Miigration...

    tell me we will be allowed to make suggestion etc? hate this light colors you'll got going :(
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    Hades Portal Event

    Well IG clearly doesn't care about the state of worlds anymore. There's an event every month now right after a world is released? what a joke
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    Inactive Topic Trade Favors

    boo no people get enough favor as it is no need to let them trade favor around too
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    2.115 Discussion Thread

    lol anyone noticed this one; the devs must know nobody in their right mind makes over 100 envoys :D