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    Not much to explain. I find this whole thread funny. Thought your comment quoting the, I played with Erik so I'm good was funny. Just saying I've talked to a lot of interesting people in this game, very few I dislike even when they are larger and take my sentimental rock city. Hahaha.
  2. Top 12 TOP 12 SINK OR SWIM

    Played with Shaz too...he's a good guy. I personally think most of you all are even with all the trash talk.
  3. Top 12 TOP 12 SINK OR SWIM

    I've seen some funny things written in here before, but THIS...this is priceless. I played with Erik too! Hahahahaha
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    Wow, I'm actually mentioned in this forum....kinda stupid if you ask me. Did the little rock in 54 have "sentimental value" to me...yes and no. Did I like loosing all my 54 cities, no! Anyone else ever been rimmed before? Not a fun experience. Did I like the support I received from my team at...
  5. Spectral Voices

    Each group can go back and forth about who did what and who said what, the real question that any player in Golgi should ask themselves is why would the #1 Alliance up and ghost? A) They were about to be defeated so all saw no point in continuing. B) There is real proof of questionable conduct.
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    Yes, there is...I think he was telling me. Looks like I'm the only one left to OP and I'm just a simmer/turtle.
  7. Pnp Post Your Wall

    Nice to hear on here that you are leaving Dave. Hope you told other in our alliance that you were off to Lost Boys. Enjoy.
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    First time on these...I have always found them to be a great read and you all have not disappointed. I sometimes wonder how it is that the "enemy" can know so much of what is going on in an alliance beyond what they can find on intel and oracle? I will say some are a bit more chatty on here then...