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    Bedtime Beta / Domination

    alot of games are releasing oldschool or vanilla servers for ppl who liked the original versions considering 1.26 grepo was a masterpiece of rts games and everything since has been watering it down to a farmville type i think it would be AWESOME here
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    hows the game working nowadays?

    damn i was hopefull from the couple of threads i looked at but i guess they havent seen the error of their ways after all, maybe i check in in another couple of years as it sounds like a couple of baby steps back in the right direction
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    hows the game working nowadays?

    howdy guys, havent been on here for a few years now was wondering if any old issues are fixxed, seems the pandora game theyre trying to make events that dont kill the rankings like before? allso what server populations like now? gone back up or still super low? and pay to win option gotten worse...
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    Best Team Ever Assembled?

    project venom, were the best when grepo was still a war game :P
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    Byblos Trash Talk

    howdy greponoobs, i got bored so thought id check back in see if they fixxed grepolis yet, is anyone i know still playing even, and if so on this server?
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    Important Concept - Grepolisscore Feedback Thread

    before you broke the game i wouldve been all for this but as it stands i agree theres stuff that NEEDS fixing..... a more realistic award system atm would be "youve spent 1000 gold" then increasing from there
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    Rate the Player!

    gamma was so old by the time they made 2.0 its irrelevant who built the stupid ww, guaranteed the players left had inherited their position from the players who had ghosted over the years, on xi the whole of pv ghosted all 7 of our oceans and left alliances we had rimmed on mass and made to...
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    Easter 2016 Feedback Thread

    it would save me alot of trouble if you just sold me culture points directly, or howabout sell fully built cities i just pick a flag and hit spend.....i mean theres no actual game here anymore just who spent most so may aswell get rid of the pretence ........allso the giant buy gold symbols are...
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    New God Discussion Thread

    its joke but the app wouldnt foward me to forum and cancelled my 100 gold, thats funny
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    Grepolis Times: Issue One Feedback

    Needs some hard hitting nitty gritty reporting. Im just back after a long absence immediately noticeable is how small new worlds are and how few ppl are playing compared to gold farming. Theres more goodbye threads on these forums than war threads.....the list goes how about we report...
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    Easter 2016 Feedback Thread

    inno don't want you to beat anybody, if you do theyre no longer spending dare you try besieging ppl you evil hooligans
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    Top 12 Alliances Sink or Swim

    ya im all nostalgic
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    Top 12 Alliances Sink or Swim

    play fonts we can try ad conquer each other for old times sake xD
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    Easter 2016 Feedback Thread

    well it used to be a strategy war game, try to play it as that now you will get very angry. i see it as a farmville style social sim fest game now and im much happier but i do weep on at least weekly basis for all we've lost..........seriously that kid gonna kill armoured hoplites with that...
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    Easter 2016 Feedback Thread

    i dont believe that, i think they werent getting enough gold spnt so they doctored it sharpish.......more importantly do inno think ancient greek slingers used bart simpson style catapults?