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  1. Reciprocity Principle

    What he said ~
  2. Cant log-in

    Speaking of Psychopath's ~
  3. Looking for a premade for 119

    Why's that mate?
  4. I'm baaaaaack ~ DeathwishX13....Who's that?

    I'll tinkle all over the frontlines XD
  5. I'm baaaaaack ~ DeathwishX13....Who's that?

    Designated world En119(Dorylaion) On September 3rd a special anniversary world will be opened. This world is high speed with no morale and every player will start with 3 cities. Feel free to discuss the new world in this thread and as usual this thread will be closed and moved to the world...
  6. Pre-World Dorylaion Discussion Thread

  7. Pre-World Chania Discussion Thread

    Speaking of a couple of marbles have you guys seen mine? I lost them some time ago.....
  8. Pre-World Chania Discussion Thread

    cou·ple /ˈkəpəl/ noun noun: couple; plural noun: couples 1. two individuals of the same sort considered together. "a couple of girls were playing marbles" synonyms: pair, duo, duology, twosome, set of two, match; More doublets, twins;
  9. I'm baaaaaack ~ DeathwishX13....Who's that?

    Hello old friend! Am quite surprised to see anyone who remembers forgotten history such as the wars we shared together! Thank you for the kind words and best regards. I hope time has treated you well and wish you nothing but success and fortunes as well! World wonders isn't a dealbreaker but...
  10. I'm baaaaaack ~ DeathwishX13....Who's that?

    Great to see you again mouceen! Glad to see a familiar face and we would love to have you with us. Looking forward to sharing the battlefield and fighting together once more my friend ~
  11. I'm baaaaaack ~ DeathwishX13....Who's that?

    ~ Introduction ~ Greetings everyone ~ I guess I'd like to start by introducing myself! Some of you may already know me from ages ago, I used to play under the name DeathwishX13- I am a multiple world winner in worlds en09(Iota), en18(Sigma) and the founder of Infectious which won en68(Cythera)...
  12. Pnp Lords of the Rim: The Irrelevant Elephant