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    Guess who's back.....back again.....

    do you remember me Phears :Pro:
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    Project: Misery Business

    lol its ya 8th post since you joined it 3 years ago :O
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    Project: Misery Business

    lol :D
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    I would like to Congratulate!

    I think none of incubi's has any word to say :D
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    I would like to Congratulate!

    that's funny yo I laughed a lot on this you should just see it again this game is about conquering / fighting my stat tells how many of the best of incubis I conquered and they all remained silent after loosing even just launched a CS very far from me. we broke the victory of incubi's for...
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    I would like to Congratulate!

    lol ashrf i think hanstiff already mentioned his second name above :D
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    I would like to Congratulate!

    That's right :P 'Ever' O_=
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    I would like to Congratulate!

    hahhahah thanks hans for the appreciation ;) daz ' noobs think eddy a super noob not my fault :D In the morning they get to know :P
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    Announcement your Demonic gaurdain

    yes I'm new here in this world but old player in Grepolis lol I used to be in kappa but now its been closed and I am in Pi world and this world ;)
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    Sons of honourless dogs?

    :D nice Pic farg
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    Announcement your Demonic gaurdain

    Welcome Sas :)
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    Congratulations Bigflyer!

    good Bp earned by biglyer :) now atleast Incubi/TEIN can't say like they said previously when I took their city on pyramid that 2-4 alliance worked together against TEIN same here you did now you got NE to support your siege here and see we don't feel bad we tried to break siege but you got...
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    Ruler of the Seas Discussion

    Please Clear it to me what is Ruler of the seas award ? I cannot find it with TEIN. I can only see they got Victor of The World Award. and I think Ruler of the world award is pending which can be get only by completing 7 WW ?
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    POTM July 2012 - Nominations

    I would like to nominate 1) xamichee 2) spartan478 3) keithandmitzi