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  1. The Story of Oricos

    Have we dropped the pic of challenger asking his ally to teamview yet?
  2. Kaboom

    What about us touchpad noobs
  3. Christmas Challenges - leader board

    where the answers at
  4. Am I Allowed To Time?

    @aguy miss u x
  5. Am I Allowed To Time?

    Bit rude to speak like that to the founder of Back to Venomeme
  6. Am I Allowed To Time?

    Can't wait for @kingpg28 to tell you your timings are average at best
  7. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    did they build triremes though
  8. Too calm

    I encourage everyone interested in the real facts to check out the day prior to this
  9. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    Meme Machine best ally ever
  10. Pandora's Box feedback thread.

    1/2 troops gives me a -7% you liar also I sincerely doubt you hit box 30
  11. Pandora's Box feedback thread.

    Im rank 3 currently on en136 and theres no way I see myself getting to box 40, if its not the top competitors who get there, who the hell is it?
  12. Artifact Overhaul Discussion thread

    whats the max warehouse cap with a lvl 30 cornucopia now, someone do the maths for me
  13. WW boosting change

    Maybe if you spent less time teamviewing and more time watching masters of the game gmouse and teddy youd have won the world
  14. Pandora's Box feedback thread.

    Can't wait to start boofing sieges with my 12 harpy tokens