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  1. top 12 sink or swim

    Nice reading...
  2. Pre-World Falkonera Discussion Thread

    Anyone can tell me, when new World will be open?! :)
  3. New World Settings Poll Part 2

    I guess they are already hacked... no response... RIP... next message will be in russian language!
  4. New World Settings Poll Part 2

  5. New World Settings Poll Part 1

    Not that far...
  6. New World Settings Poll Part 2

    i dont mind to see Alliance cap with 20players... they have point - Grepo isnt as popular as it was years back... Tho that dsnt mean game is bad... Just more alliances, more fun i guess?! P.s. when world will be open?!
  7. New World Settings Poll Part 2

    Mmm fast World...
  8. Pre-World Dokos Discussion Thread

    Prob i will also not wait anyone and will join asap...
  9. Pre-World Dokos Discussion Thread

    Island quests and Heroes are HUGE part of the game... that being said... i hope there will be alot of people playing this world.
  10. Pre-World Dokos Discussion Thread

    Well speed2 is normal speed. There were speed 3, so now its time for slower one. Prob next Conq world will be <3speed world... tho that will be prob after 1-2 revolt worlds.
  11. Pre-World Dokos Discussion Thread

    Damn... slow world, but conq.
  12. Top 12 Sink and Swim Series by MeI

    Labs raksts!!!
  13. Pre-World Andros Discussion Thread

    Well i guess RU server is next one in my list. At least there i hope will be fast conquest.