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  1. World Update: Chaos Ensues

    Good initiative, at least someone did an update on the world after Ivory stopped his *weekly* updates. This does however have some inaccuracies, but you did mention it would have that at the top.
  2. Kaboom

    What MM?
  3. Life on the outside

    What you need?
  4. What did killed this server ?

    what did killed this forum
  5. Trapesuz - Live Reporting

    Happy to keep you entertained
  6. Excessive Gold Use

    I think 1/3 servers being gold free will just make people play those 1/3s and only those. I doubt many want to play gold servers and potentially pay money for gold if they can just join an equivalent FFA no gold server. The 1/3 server idea only really works if they are independent, which they...
  7. Where are the Goats?

    i've seen you in my dreams
  8. The Laughing Hyele

    found it lol
  9. The Laughing Hyele

    Lol I've experienced similar attacks on cities I tripped.
  10. What did killed this server ?

    read the terms and rules, follow them and perhaps no more of your posts will be deleted. Here they are . I will refer you to 12.3
  11. The Laughing Hyele

    Post some funny Hyele-related stuff as a conclusion to this world stories, reports, memes, messages... anything! ps: please try to keep insults/salt/personal stuff at a minimum (unless it's funny ofc, then go nuts)
  12. What did killed this server ?

    alright mate you can wait the 119 days ... "lmao"
  13. top 10

    interesting now show player screen