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    Pandora's Box feedback thread.

    Seems like a great event for non-gold spenders, but overall extremely boring for everyone. Would not recommend this event again.
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    In loving memory: MozzyLee

    Very sad to hear. Rest In peace, Mozzy.
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    Bring Back The Grepolis Player's Council

    Support from me :)
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    Top 10 Sink or Swim

    Hmm its almost like an alliance with 30 members knows it has no chance against an allliance with 60-70 during/right after a HEAVY flier lmao. So yes, darn us for sending the live TV to SW founder and him agreeing killing BTS myths is a good idea for both of us for that siege. There is no...
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    Top 10 Sink or Swim

    Literally not true. Please leave Gorillas out of this. You fools are always trying to spread garbage and lies. Arranging city swaps when we have cities far from our own cores in each other’s literally just makes sense, and is not “working together” thanks.
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    We will be at this rate...
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    Bring it on weak boy
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    Rate The Player Above You

    Forgot the 0 after the one there, but that’s okay ;)
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    Rate The Player Above You

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    The Fall of Bad With Names

    Like I said.... Bad leadership lol.
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    The Fall of Bad With Names

    If you’re telling the truth then the leaders lied straight to my face as well as to every single member on our team. I sincerely hope your info is bad, as some of your other info is. I don’t know exactly why Xuegou quit, but towards the end there may have been some ultimatums for sure. At the...
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    R.I.P Bad with Names

    We didn’t do anything that everybody else didn’t and hasn’t been doing lmao. Keep on with the hugging argument though, way to go!
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    R.I.P Bad with Names

    You recruited in our territory and refused to hand cities over lmao, Keep justifying your traitorous tendencies with these BS excuses :D Nobody believes you bud, and everyone will remember the backstabbing that happened here. Never trust a Balkan.
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    The Fall of Bad With Names

    Mostly correct, definitely a few points incorrect in there like the spam and a bit harsh on the leaders issuing ultimatums and etc.. Also we never had any pact or NAP with anyone except for Balkans??? I believe the two largest factors are that a lot of the leaders are better players, and suck...
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    TKF's Power Rankings Edition Ten: OCEANS VETERANS Rise, Spirtum Sancti Hanging By A Thread, Warlords Fall Out!

    Okay thats all good and fine lmao, but I was punching well above my belt still in Himera haha. I am definitely not like Batalo, whoever that is :D Appreciate the implications though, Rawr and Fluv <3