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    Select All farms Button

    Hello Everyone, Just a quick suggestion. For the new Select all option In farms, I think it should have a slight change in design. It should be a button instead of a tick box, where you are able to click the word select all, instead of trying to click the small tick box. Best Regards, Fraser.
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    Pre-World Asine Discussion Thread

    In my experiance, usually about 11am German time.
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    Pre-World Asine Discussion Thread

    Looks like some Fun. Good luck people.
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    Pre-World Mylasa Discussion Thread

    Let's go/ anyone with a pre made hit me up.
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    Pre-World Methone Discussion Thread

    I'll be playing this one, it should be fun.
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    Pella Agony Aunt - Week 2!

    i read the last weaks 1 from browsing the forums, didnt know when these came out but i have come from the havoc link to read the 2nd one.
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    Pella Weekly

    go around and ask the alliance leaders. my leader lowkey would probally give up most information, i mean u can get it from the other side of the battle but that is harder to find.
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    Full of yourself?

    i agree scavenger, being in one of the top alliances is a lot more interersting.
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    Asmodeus's Return

    lol ^^
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    Bloodstorm Pirates

    bloodstorm pirates merged a while ago whith showgunate family.