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  1. Deliberation Gift troops between cities you own.

    I think the only way to make this work is to move the troops within the constraints of the current game settings. Example: You have a city on the frontline that loses its population in battle. You can re-station troops from towns from back in your safe zone but only to the value of the...
  2. Top 12 Top 12 2.0

    Hello??? is anyone there?
  3. Top 12 Top 12 2.0

    Entertaining. I liked it :-)
  4. Alliance recruitment

  5. Spam Attacking - Let us begin the conversation here

    Stonehail the offender's cities to rubble.
  6. Just For Spammers

    Oh it can be :-)
  7. Just For Spammers

    Whah?? Didn't get that one :-(
  8. Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    You will see that this is a strategy to counter spam and unethical play. Early days on this server.
  9. Proud Syndicates?

    It is at a stage where a crown is now a symbol of dirty deals and scamming and not a good look on your profile. Winning the 4 wonders is a different story and I think that was played closer to the way Grep should be played. After the 4 are won it then becomes quite sad.
  10. Proud Syndicates?

    and the person who phished it from him used it? Surely not!!! Hmmmm..... Grep has reached a new level :Pro:
  11. Proud Syndicates?

    All is good. Nobody has earned a crown on this server yet, Syndicate are closer but yet so far away. The fighters in our alliance are simply delighted as they now have a meaningful reason to stay in the world and they are having a lot of fun. When the buz of the syndicate manoeuvre fades and...
  12. Proud Syndicates?

    No Honor That move was made with no honor and the handle glad2win will forever be untrusted in future servers. This dog move has only made the server interesting once again.
  13. Top 12 Alliances

    We are Vermin, we are everywhere. We are really annoying. :D
  14. Name Change

    Lol keep it and all the hate mail it attracts. I'm off to register the domain so you can't have that.
  15. Top 12 Alliances

    Envenom and Vermin agreed to merge into each other and went at the same time so accidentally they just swapped sides :eek: .. Or perhaps I am telling a little fib.:)