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  1. Player Council 2nd Term: Discussion

    Athena is already in the game as Goddess of war, maybe only from the non-violent side of war, but still war. so, Earthquake spell from poseidon that costs 200 less favour and does more damage to the wall? (EQ is 1-3 lvls) That will remove a part of the fighting aspect, in this game, conquering...
  2. Trashtalk

    you're right, we did not plan anything with Ike
  3. Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Nah, I didn't post them at the beginning as well, thought they were off-topic, just like HH's one is
  4. Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    I'm not sure what a report against someone from TF has to do with this...
  5. Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    This. Tom and HH were all to eager to start hating me. But look, I only had cities in S34 and 35, now I have 4 cities in N34 and 33. My 35 cities can't do much against cities 33. And yes, I took a SnB city, was just a 3 man 'op'. Resistance was nearly zero. (about 2000 birs spread over the 3...
  6. Spam Attacking - Let us begin the conversation here

    Possible solution is to apply the 2 min cancellation to only attacks, and not support, means you can snipe by sending support and cancelling.
  7. Spam Attacking - Let us begin the conversation here

    What you always can do as well is make the time to recall about 25% of the standard tt (no 30% boost, atlanta, Cart & Meteo) but with a maximum recall time that varies on the unit speed as I proposed in my latest comment. This to combat short range spammers AND long range spammers but gives you...
  8. Spam Attacking - Let us begin the conversation here

    I like this one, but I'd want to propose a small adjustment, let the slider and the recall time vary depending on the unit speed of the world, on u speed 3 (ws 2) it would be 7 mins as harpies with all modifiers would be just under 8 minutes tt. Slower worlds have much higher tt and it would...
  9. Proof that Pandora's Box is a Lie

    Still stuck at box 29, been trying for nearly TWELVE hours straight without capturing any ghosts with a 43%, this isn't just unlucky lol
  10. Proof that Pandora's Box is a Lie

    Their percentages are nearly half as they claim it to be I think, I am currently at box 29 with a supposedly percentage of 48, but I don't even have a succes rate of 25% percent...
  11. Pandora's Box 2018 Feedback Thread

    Middle school? So thats about for 12 years olds amirite? Binomials aren't "basic" statistics tho, you only see them in high school if you follow a harder math-oriented course or when you go to uni lol
  12. Proof that Pandora's Box is a Lie

    As much as I get frustrated about the event and the effort it takes for low rewards (8 LS in box 32, srsly Inno?), you would never win such a case. You can try as much as possible to determine the chance of succes with the rule of the large numbers, it's not a valid enough proof and Inno's...
  13. Trashtalk

    Sigh, why does everybody takes these things literally ... It's an anology with the endless waves, know the difference ffs. "1.1 A correspondence or partial similarity"
  14. Trashtalk

    Just looking at absolute BP gives you a distorted picture my friend. It's not a representative way to show whatever you're trying to say.
  15. Trashtalk

    I call it the COD Zombies "fighting code". Fighting against Skulls/EPI is like fighting against the zombies (not comparing the players to zombies btw) . You're heavily outnumbered, you can kill as many of them as you can, but in the end, you run out of ammo (troops) and they still keep comming...