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  1. The True Side Of Shadow Falls

    The topics name is misleading . Gl with the war and try to give them a good fight.
  2. Top 12 Alliances

    as i said i didnt really do much beside cruise stats on rankings lol and i did mention that they were the most ripe for a takeover ;). And i meant several top lvl players instead of good i guess in sf n re lol :eek:
  3. Top 12 Alliances

    1 - Rim Express - Control 55 and are the nr1 ,seem to have good leaders and seem to be aggressive with several good members . 2 - Shadows Fall - nr1 in 44 and seem to be inching towards 54 ,nice stats and good leadership - might go far in the world. 3 - The Unknown Quantity - New power of the...
  4. Top 5 players.

    arguing is fine but could we actually do a list then comment beside the player name or after the list, so it is related to this topic instead of playing ethug with aoe.
  5. What Has Happened To The Fourm

    There is a mass of people who move from world to world and most alliances suffer losses to new worlds anyway . Altough this world is probably the best 2.0 world setting wise.
  6. PnP - Curing the Infection

    lol pewpew
  7. PnP try - One Gaul can make a difference

    with captain farmin is tolerbale ,but without it its just lol. I think gold gives to much of a advantage currently / beside the premiums i mean.
  8. PnP try - One Gaul can make a difference

    Well i havent seen many bans on bigger players here in my year here but there have been some altough i have heard of autofarms in 2.0 so they might crack down on that eventually ? It isnt about points ,its about your number of citys and where they are , altough position is abit of a smaller...
  9. greetings, psi

    +1 to that . Hi and gl with the world pyth.
  10. ARKITNAY looking to merge

    Well its good to hear of smaller alliances ethuging it out . Gl to both of you and calm down ,this is a game and it isnt personal for the most part.
  11. Psi Forum Personality of The Month.

    its muttzy obivously.
  12. Psi Forum Personality of The Month.

    i liked the format of the ratings ,i hope it actually sticks around instead of having people e-thug around and just using words .
  13. Psi Forum Personality of The Month.

    mutzzy aka daizans fan or whatever. Baron1027 for that nice format in top 12 alliances . hamero for last ?
  14. Top 12 DBP!

    How does defending not matter ? If it is done properly by a alliance then your members can be near immune to conquest attempts also if their active enough ,specially in this world .
  15. PnP - Not Such a Lucrative Business After All...

    gaul was province of rome already then and continued to be for the next 300ish years without big problems . Altough its nice to see u actually continue a theme and the pnp was pretty good .You also kinda owned sausages altough getting someone into revolt isnt really a achivement war wise...