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  1. Pre-World Gortyn Discussion Thread

    Yeah, shame it is only unit/trade speed 1, but oh well.
  2. Newspaper Epidamnos Global Newspaper ~ First Edition

    This is excellent... keep it up!
  3. Summer Speed Worlds

    What happened to summer speed worlds? I remember there being some a long time ago and I was wondering why they aren't releasing them anymore for the past couple years I believe.
  4. Pre-World Kasmenai Discussion Thread

    Haha, alright thanks for clearing it up. I'd assume it will launch in 3-6 hours?
  5. Pre-World Kasmenai Discussion Thread

    Status is open, but the world isnt open? Lol
  6. Pre-World Kasmenai Discussion Thread

    Shame it wasn't conquest, but ill play for fun :)
  7. Premade for EN92 (asuming it's revolt)

    Well, what direction will your premade be headed at the start of the world?
  8. Does anyone remember/miss Rising Generals?

    Since grepolis has become exponentially boring, I began thinking about some of Inno's other games, when I remembered the Rising Generals closed beta. To be honest, it was one of the most fun games I have ever played in a browser. The graphics were clean and nice, the layout easy to understand...
  9. What happened

    Such a shame that the game didn't last longer. I remember playing Rising Generals in its beta and remember having a great time, any chance it will come back any time in the future?
  10. Gold

    I submitted a ticket cause I want my gold back :P
  11. Gold

    Already have done so, hopefully they fix it soon :)
  12. Gold

    I just noticed Richard removed the part about all "shortfalls" being refunded from the announcement, does this mean I wont get my gold/money back?
  13. En/US Grepo Tournament

    This would be sick.
  14. Gspn

    Yeah, TheNoobDoctor was hilarious, one of the greatest things ever lol.
  15. Advanced Glaciator's Graphics Hub

    Yeah, my apologies. Will get right to it.