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  1. World Won

    Congratulations to you Queen Viv and all of the other knights on your win!
  2. Announcement World Nysa - What would you like to say?

    Committed to the Crown
  3. Announcement World Nysa - What would you like to say?

    If that is your take on Nysa then perhaps you're in the wrong alliance. :P
  4. Newspaper Rhammus Newspaper~ Issue 10

    No, I'm not in RUSE.
  5. Newspaper Rhammus Newspaper~ Issue 10

    If you don't call that a merge, I don't know what you would call it. I'll take 8.
  6. Newspaper Rhammus Review~Issue IX

    Or perhaps you should say those who have the highest points. The definition of merge is to combine or cause to combine to form a single entity, which is basically what y'all did. Might not have been a merge of one alliance into another but it was two alliances dissolving their alliances and...
  7. Newspaper Rhammus Review~Issue IX

    Here's a newsflash for you...War Wolves and Jack Daniels are now merged together in an alliance known as Toxic Movement. I'm not sure if Gummy Bears joined them. I can also tell you that there was one leader in Jack Daniels who must've thought he was the king of the world with his attitude. Will...
  8. Top 12 Top 12 SINK OR SWIM

    It's kind of ludicrous to be making such predictions less than five days in the world isn't it? I mean, if I were going to go by ABP's and DBP's, which I have done the math on the top 12 Alliance Attackers and know which one sucks the worst, I'd attack that alliance first because I know they...
  9. Funny Messages

    Gotta love the disrespectful cry babies! :Pro::D
  10. Funny Messages

    I love those! :D
  11. Why are you playing Nysa?

    Hahahahaha! Best reason I've seen yet! :P
  12. Guess Who Posts Next?

    Shadis, I'm used to others laying it on thick! :cool:
  13. The story of the Hot Chick

    Why not just look to see the pics of those "Hot Chicks" who liked the page? Hmmmm? But then again, you can't really tell by a picture. ;)
  14. Guess Who Posts Next?

    Does that include goddesses? ;)
  15. Guess Who Posts Next?

    Not a noob but I did post below you. :)