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    Newspaper Dion Global Issue IV

    need latest edition
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    Pnp The dishonourable wolf

    good one. would be better with the msgs though :)
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    Favorite Gamma Memories

    I got a lot of memories in gamma... especially the ones when i am in the shadow guards with darth.. He is my best buddy and he helped me with my 3rd, 4th and 5th cities helping me to grow soon... I also remember just before I joined TBS or knew anyone in it... I was asked to stop TBS...
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    The Black Sheep

    Nice one cai...
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    71 bps :o with great warriors like u around i prefer to be called a simmer...;) i was just saying it was very early.... PS.. If you dont like my thread u dont have to post in it...:P
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    just because there is a thread wall in other world does n't mean that we should have one here also... it is too early to be posting walls around....:P
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    Experienced players in upsilon

    Just started to find out how many alliance in upsilon are run by experienced players.. Post here your grepolis other main world u play... your points.. bps.. battles fought and won or **** anythings that give idea of ur experience... :Pro:
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    Rate the player below you!

    Calindar alliance 8/10 ocean 5/10 player rank 5/10 battle points 0/10 player past experience 0/10 total 18/50
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    Rate the player above

    chatau points - 7/10 alliance - 5/10 bp - 5 /10
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    League of Erinyes

    What's with the name anyway.... and no matter how big you are in other worlds it does not count here. you have to start over all again :Pro: and i like that name anyway....:P
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    League of Erinyes

    HI My ingame name is gponraj. I am in south west of ocean 45. I have an intention of creating a very aggressive alliance with not more than 30. Looking for members in southern 45 and northern 46. I got some experience in gamma. We will be attacking the most. we are not interested in...
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    Rate the player above

    xpoodot points 4/10 alliance 4/10 bp 6/10
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    44 cities without a loss not even a city swap... i love my
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    Rate the player above

    Hey ha twin brother... i love ur comments in kreger report.. thou u dont have to rep me back here... lol tommyfjh points : 9/10 bp: 5 /10 alliance : 8/10
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    Rate the player above

    sorry echo but i really love to rate the guys just above u... gerdir points : (i know that u would not even care to look here) alliance : no comments cause i am in it too BP : 10/10 Rep : 3/10 (atleast i got something to put a low score on) gponraj The Black Sheep