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    GNN (Grepolis News Network) Thermopylae Knocks Out Coalition of the Rim

    Fut is ranked 72 on the server, and is 2nd in points. He's done an amazing job defending Thermo with support, as well as growing his own empire. Grepolis is a war game, but it's also strategy. Example: People got upset at Ice on Alpha because he spent a lot of time Simming and growing... yet...
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    GNN (Grepolis News Network) Thermopylae Knocks Out Coalition of the Rim

    Kal is posturing more than a bloody Peacock. Keep it up Futbol, nothing wrong with all these PnP posts and you trying to drive traffic here. Kal is upset and needs a time out. But let me address a few points, but first, I want to say thank you. You did a pretty good job with your assessment on...
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    AP.- Daily News

    If memory serves me correctly, while in Western Order I told REPO this would undoubtedly happen in the North. If you want to start talking about Epic backstabs, I could educate you from the Alpha days with TW-S, a certain Parrot and Thunder Gods. But... you spoke of cake and dammit we can...
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    Getting attacked 20:35:00 Game Time but I can't attack

    20:35:00 April 17 ( Game time) I have 13 incoming attacks, all sent to me in the past 8 hours... however when I try to attack back I get told "You can't start any attack during peace time". One just got launched against me the past 1 minute, but when I try to attack I can't. What the hell is...
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    Pending Zues Rage - destroys 100% of catapults

    This is very much still happening. Amazing, 6 years later... Inno... why you no fix issue that plague game?
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    My Perspective on Why the Game is Dying.

    I joined on Alpha way-back-when. Back in those days, you could lightning bolt a city down from 10k points to 100 in under an hour. Alliances had 0 size limit. A city under conquest could have 70,000 biremes at it. Moral didn't exist. Inno did a lot of changes to the game that caused players to...
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    Mesembria News

    I heard, from a very good source, that all these people in the world are very good people. I have seen these people, and I agree with these people, they're very good people. /endtrump
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    Its been awhile

    I was told not to talk to strangers.
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    Security Bug - Windows Metro app

    windows insider program. Anyways, it seems i can, with some work, copy a login from a Windows device and push it to another and log in as that user. Did it locally with my PC and my surface.
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    Security Bug - Windows Metro app

    If that was the case, then that is holding onto an invalid token because the user it logged me in as was an account I gave away over a year ago... (Note I did log out of the account, but it did sync to all my other devices).
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    Security Bug - Windows Metro app

    Bug Description: If someone logs into grepolis using a Windows Modern app from the Microsoft Store, they will always be able to sign into Grepolis regardless if the password has changed. It will not prompt them for it. Steps to reproduce: -Log into an account using a windows metro app, save...
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    Passed Special Myth Abilities

    This same idea was raised back in 2009, with both attack and defending abilities on all myth units. I'll try to find the thread end edit this post. I think it'll expand more on myth units, giving more flavor to the game which is needed.
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    Early Prediction of this worlds winner???

    Seems to be a lot of cookie oreos out there.
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    Top 12 Alliances Sink-or-Swim

    I heard that a few of the fatter players got upset over the lack of cookies in the game, so they created a new alliance in homage of the American favorite: oreo. In recent news: Sparta changes name to sMapl3 after the Canadian Syrup. A Foolish Conspiracy is apparently changing their name to...
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    Persian conquest feedback and questions?

    Oh little person. Just watch as every alliance wastes their LS on this, and you can conquer their cities with ease