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  1. Pnp To Oblivion and Beyond

    Just what I was about to say Bouddicae...
  2. what is with the slow bp in this world ?

    When there are turtles, there will be BP for me. :Pro:
  3. bugs

    Yeah, My building queues are messed up. I am upgrading my senate to lvl 2 and the time to take is 1394346384. :rolleyes:
  4. Pnp Oblivion's IQ Test

    Awesome quiz! Best I have read in years!! :D
  5. The best alliances and their best player

    Yes, everyone in Reanimation quit. Grepolis is very addictive. Better to quit the game before it sucks you in! You sir probably have no social life, no work, and because of that you result in on playing this game. Nothing interesting on Grepo anymore.
  6. Petition - Help Thebes Avoid Extinction

    Agreed. Many in my alliance have left the game for good. I also feel like quitting Thebes lol. But 3 slots would be great. :D
  7. The best alliances and their best player

    What's your game name tyrone?
  8. The best alliances and their best player

    Well, now that Lacking Sanity is separated, who do you guys think the best alliance is and the best player in Thebes? (Player doesn't have to be in the same alliance)
  9. Walls

    City wall ========================================================= Defeated... an attacker (79755) 20403 9977 13158 13883 2479 944 81 10 13 2 24 19 33 17 15...
  10. Pathetic enemies are

    Who are you calling newbies? Sure this might be my first time playing Grepo but the others on the island are not noobs. And besides what do you do if someone is trying to farm you every single hour? You teach the player a lesson and you put a defense in place. It's called playing it smart. Are...