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  1. Petition to Stop "Warfare Packages" from coming into the game

    And I was thinking if its worth it to become active again... Why am I not shocked? (Pay to win became their key policy more than an year ago)
  2. Project: Forum Improvements

    Since when can i see who repped me?
  3. 2.99 Discussion Thread

    i didn't hear something like that either!
  4. 2.99 Discussion Thread

    i think daily reward change may finally be good.
  5. Explain Hero Worlds Please?

    and people tend to lose interest, but they don't want to end their profile either.
  6. 2.95 Discussion Thread

    That is a different idea. Sometimes I just want to knock out my enemies wall without damaging the city I am conquering. That doesn't mean I can not damage any city at all.
  7. 2.95 Discussion Thread

    Sure, after 3 years, you all of a sudden wake up. Can you also redirect us to the thread/discussion which was the source of such a feedback?
  8. Live Stream Q&A Questions

    I have seen a lot of feedback requesting instant build to be cancelled, but I am yet to see where the players ssaid that 2k res should be sold for 50 gold. How exactly is the feedback collected, from the players or from some financial advisor.
  9. Petition to fix Gold Trading

    I must accept that the game is losing its touch. Less than 1 in 150 users who registered on these forums bothers to login once a month. What more proof do you need?
  10. Live Stream Q&A Questions Would you like to revamp the shared connection rules so that we can atleast defend ourselves? Not being able to spell on incomming attacks is ridiculous.
  11. Live Stream Q&A Questions

    Does INNO plan on flooding our screen with advertisements, and offers of gold purchases?
  12. battle summary

    Only if you kill all naval units in a attack(except fireships), then you get to see what the defender had in his harbour.Only If you kill all land units, you get to see his entire army. Incase you are attacking someone on your island, or using a flying mythical unit, you get to see what he has...
  13. Can you support a conquested city with myth units?

    ^this :P I do remember that it got changed. Gods do not get automatically assigned now. It used to be that some years back, but no longer...
  14. 2.93 Discussion Thread

    I am not sure if I mistook you, unless this statement is by another supafletch(account on US forum) "I use gold and feel that this balances the game for the people less likely or unable to use gold." I disagree. I don't mind selling more resources at a lower ratio if it reduces the time needed...
  15. 2.93 Discussion Thread

    The resentment for this change is very real. As as gold user, or as a resource seller, I have the right to decide if I should buy/sell 15k res for 10 gold, or 100 resources for 200 gold. I should not be dictated on this matter. If they had fixed the res limit at 2k res, and the gold limit at 10...