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  1. Mystical Hen Feedback Thread

    Agree with all the other posts. The playing field keeps getting more and more slanted to the big spenders and is done purely to generate more cash for Inno. SUCKS - You either PAY Grepo the gold or you get goulash. They don't seem to like having players. Newest crap is that those playing on...
  2. Grepointel

    Amazed at this old thread and no updates. Been at least five days since it worked. And this is 2/318 Not just for Hyperborea - but the home page does not load either. Firefox, or Chrome. Big game changer.
  3. Grepointel

    Seems like a damn old thread. But the issue is the same right now. 1/31/18 Been trying to load it for three days - no luck.
  4. Discussion Make Stone Hail an optional type of attack

    Stone Hail, Temple Looting and Battle Experience should be research options given to make the BORING Hyperborea a bit more exciting. As it is, .... argh!
  5. Pandoras box

    Totally agree and worst yet, GREAT simulated attack formations with a 40 -70 percent success rate FAILED! Total lottery thing of LUCK and pandering to the gold players that dominate this Hyperborea.
  6. Not a Bug New farming UI - very laggy

    Totally agree. Grepo is slower all around but this village change is horrible. Unless you make inter-village trades BEFORE you make your four or eight hour demand you are frozen out for the entire time. Very much needed should you need to use the villages for units killed in an attack. Further...
  7. Greetings Everyone

    Happy New Year! Welcome back.
  8. Catapults and walls

    Have seen some posts regarding the use of CAT's being isolated as only being used against Walls. I would first make the correction, that with the research of 'Stone Hail' Catapults can also damage the buildings inside the city. Hit a Farm and you make a big dent in the defenses. My...
  9. Inactive Topic Attacking someone that is in vacation mode

    Off topic but closest to my issue. Being attacked by some one in 'protected mode' as they have just been terminated and moved to a new city in another (far,far away map) location. First thing he does is to bolt me. I cannot retaliate with my own. Stupid exchange anyway. Damage to my maxed out...
  10. Protected Cities, still allowed to attack another

    Just ran into this issue. Defeated player lands in a new city, new map. (Quite distant from previous location) Carries on his rampage of Zeus bolt attacks from afar. Not that I wish to trade 30k bolt losses to my maxed out buildings for his 500 pt. ones, but I find this to be wrong. If you...